Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Silent Night Ornaments

Adapted from a Dimensions kit "Silent Night Banner". Stitched on 22 count hardanger.

I started stitching on September 1 2015 and on October 20 2015 I finished stitching the 9th ornament.

 photo 484 2.jpg

On November 17 2015 I finished stitching the 16th ornament.  (77 days/ 16 ornaments = 4.8 days each)

On November 26 2015 I had all the illustration board cut and all of the fronts together when I went shopping and bought the padding and fabric for the backs and the DMC Perle for the cording.

 photo 515.jpg

First cording trial. 12 one metre lengths of #8 Perle twisted as tightly as possible gave me a 24 strand cord that is 41 cm long. (So desired length X 2.5 = starting strand length)   (But I don't remember if that is what I decided to use!)
All of the ornaments were finished on November 29 2015 (89 days/16 ornaments = 5.56 days each)

 photo 537.jpg

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